Ebony McClellan Medina

Myken is passionate about helping you feel and look your best. She believes in taking care of the skin from the inside out. Releasing stress, eating healthy and being active are staples in good skincare.  Over the last 20 years Myken has been a very successful Aesthetician with thousands of hours in continued education. Myken worked in upscale Medical and Plastic Surgery offices, where she provided the latest innovative technologies to her clients. While she was working in the beauty industry, she was inadvertently coaching clients on their worth and confidence, regardless of their looks and helping them cope with being uncomfortable in their own skin, she listened to clients talk about their stress and relationship issues. 


Myken wanted to further empower others, so she became an Intuitive Coach, as it encompasses the mindful aspect of yoga and an action-based tool to help clients in every aspect of their lives. She has found that these careers overlap and increase her ability to have a multifaceted approach when coaching clients. Myken believes that regardless of your circumstance, you can feel better and you can have the life that you want.


Myken is meticulous with everything she does and only uses the best products and treatments. Whether you are looking for glowing skin or a mindfulness session, you will be given the attention and professionalism you deserve. 

Myken Swaithes

Licensed Aesthetician
Certified Life Coach and Intuitive 
Certified Yoga Instructor

My Vision

"My vision for Modern Vitalogy is to provide services for healthy skin, resources for healthy living, yoga and coaching services for healthy thoughts. Truly providing beauty from the inside out - Beauty Enlightened.

Beauty is associated with cultural norms, but at Modern Vitalogy, we believe that being your authentic best self is beautiful."

-Myken Swaithes

Myken has been published in various Aesthetic magazines, such as New Beauty. 
She has  20 years experience and has trained residents on laser technologies and spoken at Aesthetic events.