Healthy Body
Beautiful Skin
Enlightened Soul

Modern Vitalogy offers an enriching, nourishing, and beautiful experience created just for you. Whether you are looking for skincare, bodywork, energy healing, or guided health coaching, we will individualize a treatment plan to address your individual concerns. 

We offer luxurious facial experiences to clinical skin resurfacing treatments, Hydrafacials,  Micro-channeling, chemical peels, ultrasonic facials, nano-infusion facials and so much more.  


"My vision for Modern Vitalogy is to provide services for healthy skin, resources for healthy living, yoga and coaching services for healthy thoughts. Truly providing beauty from the inside out - Beauty Enlightened.

Beauty is associated with cultural norms, but at Modern Vitalogy, we believe that being your authentic best self is beautiful."

-Myken Swaithes

At Modern Vitalogy we believe in taking care of the body, mind and soul. Through Thai yoga bodywork, Reiki, sound healing and guided coaching we will help you feel healthy and beautiful from the inside out.