Study Your Life, Coach Your Future

What is Life Coaching?


To create the results and life you want, you have to start with your mind. 

Most of us don't realize the amount of power we have in our own lives. Our coaching will teach you how to coach yourself, feel better, reach goals and take action to live the life you want without changing anyone else. 


You use coaches for sports, tutors for math and instructors for learning an instrument. Why not have a life coach to help  you navigate your brain, get out of your own way, so you can reach goals, end unfulfilling cycles and be your authentic self. 

Myken and Andy Swaithes are a husband and wife team who have differing yet complimentary specialties.


Myken specializes in women empowerment, helping you discover your authentic self, confidence building and dealing with drama.

Andy's specialty is for the business professional who needs coaching or consulting with goal setting and motivation.

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